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Atroflex is a natural topical pain relief gel made from Extra Virgin Ozonised Olive Oil, helps to relieves inflammation and pain in minutes. 

Atroflex can be used as first line treatment for arthritis pain management .

Why Atroflex ?

• Premium topical pain relief gel with 100% organic active ingredient. 
• High quality and concentrated extra virgin ozonated olive oil from Spain as key ingredient.
• Has various different certifications and studies to ensure that it is completely safe for use.
• Approved by Medical Device Authority (MDA) which is under Ministry of Health (MOH).
• Affordable despite using only the best of ingredients.

 4G steps for Atroflex™

  • Grab Atroflex™ Gel from your nearest Pharmacy

  • Generously squeeze Atroflex™ Gel, approximately 5-6 cm or finger length

  • Gently massage the pain area to activate the active ingredient until Atroflex™ Gel is partially absorbed

  • Great! now you can move freely

How To Use?

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