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Why us?

True to our motto - Advanced Care Today - we at Farmasia focus on the new frontier. We are always on the lookout for the latest advancement in health and we bring them to our clients and customers. Our commitment is clear - incorporate the unfair advantage into our products to eliminate competition thus creating market leaders.

Our capabilities

Our dedicated R&D team is ready to build you your next money maker - as long as these processes are carried out:

  • In depth discussion to understand your needs and aspirations for your products

  • An understanding of the product competitive landscape


  • Target market assessment

  • Marketing channel and distribution

  • Long term goals in terms of brand building and market positioning

  Customer request

  • Free Product Consultation &Business Consultation


  • Your Own Formula/R&D with us

  • Contracting (T&C)

  • P.O Confirmation

our Simple 5
step of product realisation

 Design & Develop

  • Sample Confirmation

  • Product Registration (MDA/NPRA)

Production & packaging

  • Mixing​​

  • Filling

  • Packaging

  • Labelling

  • Coding

  • Cartoning

Quality control

  • Raw Material Inspection

  • Quality Inspection


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