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Remarkable Benefits of Ozonised Olive Oil

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Read this before you purchase any Ozonised Olive Oil Products!

What is Ozonised Olive Oil?

Ozone is a gas with the chemical formula O3. It is the allotropic form of oxygen (O2), meaning that it is oxygen in its most active state. It is found naturally in the environment as well as in the ozone layer, which protects the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Ozone’s main feature is its incredible ability to purify, eliminating organic compounds including bacteria, fungi and viruses. When applied directly onto them, ozone has an immediate effect and the only residue that it leaves behind is pure oxygen. This makes it an extremely effective natural germicide agent. During manufacturing, ozone is diffused slowly into olive oil under very low temperature, the ozone reacts with the fatty acids in the olive oil under controlled reaction conditions, creating ozonized olive oil with peroxide species, Azelaic acid and Triolenes. According to multiple studies, the synergy that is created between the ozone and the olive oil explains the immense benefits of ozonised olive oil as below.

1. Germicide power against bacteria, viruses and fungi

2. Powerful Anti-inflammatory

3. Antioxidant (because it stimulates the endogenous antioxidant system)

4. Repair and heal tissues

5. Protect against external aggressors.

Yet Not all Ozonised Olive Oils are the same !

How to Identify Quality Ozonised Olive Oil?

It must be noted that not all ozonised oils are equal, as their quality depends on the raw material used as well as the manufacturing process followed, the bottling system, which must guarantee the stability of the product and its active ingredients, and proper storage.

If you want to buy a quality and effective ozonized olive oil based products, following features should be considered.

1. Type of Oil

2. PV Value

3. Temperature

4. Odor

Type of Oil

Ozone is a very reactive gas and its stability in the oil depends on the type of oil used. Ozone is found to be very stable in Olive Oil. There are 2 types of Ozonised Olive Oil in market, normal Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra virgin olive oil can have a color in different shades. When Extra Virgin olive oil is ozonised perfectly, it lost original color and eventually gains a colorless appearance just like water. Extra Virgin Ozonised Olive Oil is more transparent and viscous than normal olive oil.

PV Value

The peroxide value is defined as the amount of peroxide oxygen per 1 kilogram of fat or oil. Detection of peroxide gives the initial evidence of rancidity in unsaturated fats and oils.It gives a measure of the extent to which an oil sample has undergone primary oxidation. Recommended PV Value for Ozonised Olive Oil is 600-900 MeqO2. Higher PV indicates more oxygen molecules are saturated into the olive oil. Ozonised Olive Oil used in Atroflex Gel, the PV value is 600Meq02.


Most commercial production processes that are used to produce ozonized oil operate at temperature above 70’C, degrading and denaturing the oil. It also produce volatile by-products that may cause skin irritations. The perfect temperature to produce best quality ozonized olive oil with less harmful by-products are at 9-12’C. The Ozonised Olive Oil used in Atroflex Gel is manufactured at low temperature of 9-12’C, hence Atroflex Gel is made of the best quality of Extra Virgin Ozonised Olive Oil.


Ozone has a unique odor, and odor of ozonized olive oils also would be similar to odor of ozone. Some manufacturers have developed products by adding a little scent into ozonized olive oil in order to prevent irritating ozone odor. Even as such, also fewer odors than previous one may be felt. This feature may be a good indicator for determining the quality of the oil.

Here’s why Atroflex Gel is different from other Ozonised Olive Oil !

Atroflex Gel is natural topical pain relief gel made of Extra Virgin Ozonised Olive Oil. It helps to relieve inflammation and pain in minutes. Atroflex Gel is first formulation using Ozonised Olive Oil in Malaysia and is the most preferred brand for Joint & Muscle Pain.

ATROFLEX™ GEL's ozonised olive oil is produced with a patented process which makes it lighter, more stable and improved skin penetration.

ATROFLEX™ GEL contains higher oxygen concentration than most products to ensure optimal efficacy and co-formulated with jojoba oil to improve absorption rate.

ATROFLEX™ GEL is registered with Medical Device Authority (MDA No: GA4424120-47522) under act 737. It is indicated to reduce pain associated with knees, back, and other joints and muscles and used in many rehabilitation centers.

ATROFLEX™ GEL gives slight cooling sensation on the skin while the active ingredients penetrate the targeted area.

Why Atroflex™ is most preferred brand for joint and muscle pain ?

• Contains high concentration of extra virgin ozonised olive oil.

• Eco-friendly active ingredient made from 100% natural, halal and organic source.

• Non-invasive, localized application.

• Suitable for continuous & long term application.

• Safe to use.

• Can complement oral supplements or painkillers.

• Registered with Ministry of Health of Malaysia through Medical Device Authority (MDA) under Act 737.

While anyone who takes NSAIDs may experience some side effects, natural topical gel is a best choice to opt to reduce inflammation and pain as it does not cause any side effects and very safe to use.

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