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ABOUT farmasia

Established in May 2007, Farmasia Sdn Bhd is a major distributor and manufacturer of medical devices in Malaysia and in neighbouring countries. Our products vary in category and applications. Our main customers are made up of private and government hospitals including clinics and other healthcare providers.

Our long term experience and strong commitment in delivering excellent products has enabled us to keep a strong and close relationships with all our Customers. We aspired to be known as delivering high quality products as well as services.

We pride ourselves of having innate knowledge of the needs and requirements of clinicians and healthcare professionals.


FARMASIA Sdn Bhd is a GDPMD Certified company, and is registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, and with Bumiputera status. Recent developments has found Farmasia being awarded with the BSF Fund, which has made Farmasia a part of Malaysian Technology Development Corporation eco-system.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners



We believe in sharing the responsibility in making the world a better place. We believe in the practice of “one random act of kindness at a time” and that is what it needs to make this world a better place. As we practice this principle in our daily lives, and as we embark in our journey in helping others with our work, we foresee Farmasia moving further in a cause that can help the people in Asia lead a better life. Though it is in our nature that these causes to be kept within the knowledge of our company and closest partners.


Our Partners:

Our strong relationships with our partners is our asset. We have partners from other continents in the world and countries in Asia. We always welcome the interest of collaboration from parties across the globe.



We are involved in the research of medical devices and supplements across the globe with technological advancement in the pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment in importing quality products to Malaysia and East Asia is based on our values, which is to serve the people with high quality yet affordable medical devices. We have begun to export our brands and in 2018, we will be manufacturing Dr Wound range of products through transferred technology.

It is our responsibility to build the brand of the products we represent and distribute it throughout the country and East Asia. Throughout our experience in branding medical products, we have initiated case studies of our brands with government and private hospitals in Malaysia and other countries in East Asia. And now, some of the studies done by a few Doctors in Malaysia has stand as proves on the effectiveness of our products, namely Dr Wound

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