Bioheal Gel First Aid

Can we apply Bioheal Gel First Aid for kids below 2 years old?

It is advised to use any kind of medications/gel for kids above 2 years old only.


Is it safe to use Atroflex if I'm pregnant.

The use of Atroflex Gel has not been studied in pregnant women. Therefore, it is advised to use Atroflex Gel under your doctor supervision.

Is it safe to use Atroflex Gel if im breastfeeding?

The use of Atroflex Gel has not been studied in breastfeeding women. Therefore, it is advised to use Atroflex Gel under your doctor supervision.

Is there any side effects from using Atroflex gel.

Atroflex gel is a natural product and safe to use. There are no side effects and/or adverse reaction reported to date with use of Atroflex Gel. We don't recommend to use this product if you have known allergy reaction towards any of the ingredients.

I have allergy to nsaids can i use Atroflex gel?

It is totally safe to use Atroflex gel if you have allergy to NSAIDs. Atroflex gel is an alternatif choice for those allergic to nsaids as it is a natural product.

Do Atroflex gel treat Arthritis?

No. Atroflex is indicated only for the relief of Athrithis symptoms such as inflammations and pain. It does not treat the medical condition.

Is the any dosage limit for atroflex gel?

Atroflex is a natural, drug-free product. It does not has any dosage limit

How to use Atroflex Gel.

Apply Atroflex gel on intended area and massage the area until it dries. Repeat application when needed.

How do i store atroflex gel?

Keep Atroflex Gel at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

What is the difference between atroflex and atroflex sports?

Both Atroflex gel and Atroflex Sports are made of ozonated olive oil and jojoba oil for relieving muscle and joint pain. Atroflex gel formulated for more severe pain while Atroflex sports formulated forfast action relief targeting joint and muscle. Extra Features of Atroflex Sport is it provides cooling sensation too.

What are the available sizes for atroflex gel?

Atroflex gel is available in 100ml and 50ml. Atroflex sports is available in 50ml.

Dr Wound

How long should Bioheal Gel remain on the wound?

Under normal circumstances, on a healthy wound bed, Bioheal gel can be left on for up to 2 days. The state of the dressing dictates when it needs to be changed: for example, as soon as the dressing is saturated.

Do bioheal gel works on old scar?

Bioheal gel is not a scar gel. It doesnt work on old scar. Bioheal gel accelerate wound healing process and reduce the scarring by assisting remodeling phase and deposition of collagen fibers in healing tissues which results in the development of normal epithelium and maturation of the scar tissue during the wound healing process thus minimize scarring.

Do Bioheal gel cause any burning sensation

It varies patient to patient. In most cases, patient can tolerate Bioheal Gel. Some patient might feel light burning sensastion due to exposed nerves on wound.

How do i store bioheal gel?

It is advised to store Bioheal gel at room temperature below 35'C and keep away from direct sunlight. The product is made up of natural polymers and it is sensitive to temperatures and other environmental condition.

What are the packaging sizes available for Bioheal gel.

Bioheal Gel are available in 20ml and 60ml packaging size.

Can i use Bioheal gel on Infected Wounds?

Bioheal Gel has anti bacterial properties and is suitable to be used on infected wounds. However, If the wound is heavily exudating or is covered with slough or necrotic tissues, it is not advisable to use Bioheal Gel.

How long can Dr Wound Twin Pack be stored after opening?

Dr Wound Mini Twin Pack can be stored up to 2 years after opening.

How to use Dr wound Twin pack?

Clean your wound thoroughly with clean water, dap dry, spray Dr Wound Nano Silver Spray on your wound and leave it for 1 minute. After 1 minute, apply a thin layer of Bioheal Gel covering your wound and secure the wound with gauze or any suitable dressings.

How long will it take for my wound healing if i use dr wound?

There are many factors affecting wound healing process. Healing period varies depending on patient's wound conditions.Usually healing progress can be seen as fast as 2 to 3 days time. For chronic wounds, good healing progress can be seen in 1 to 2 weeks time.

How frequent do i need to change dressing when using dr wound?

Dr Wound Twin Pack dressing can be changed every other day (eod). If your wound is highly exudating, we recommend to change dressing more frequently or use a more advanced secondary dressing that can absorb the exudation such as Drawtex.

Can i apply dr wound for my pet?

Few Vetenarians are using Dr Wound Twin Pack for pets and giving a good feedback. Generally it is safe to use on pets but customer are advised to use on pets at their own risk. The Dr wound Procduct has been tested to be non irritant and non sensitive on animals based on ISO10993.

How do i store Dr Wound Twin Pack?

It is advised to store Dr Wound Twin Pack at room temperature 35'C and keep away protected from sunlight. The product has made up of natural polymers and it is sensitive to temperature and other environmental condition.

Does Dr Wound Spray help with wound odor?

Yes. Normally, the level of odor in an infected wound is very high. Case studies with Dr Wound NanoSilver spray have shown that it is very effective in reducing odor coming from the wound bed.