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Mechanism of Action

Ag Nano particles are potent and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents due to their extremely large surface area (nano size) which provides better contact with microorganisms present on wound.


Nano Ag particles inhibit the:

1) Synthesis of bacterial cell wall

2) Respiratory chain enzymes

3) Paralyzing cell division (binds to DNA, preventing DNA unwinding process in cellular replication) 

Novel class of non-alcoholic solution using NCS technology (10.9 nm)

Suitable for all kind of wounds, easy, safe, very cost effective


A natural biopolymer that is derived from chitin (non-animal origin) Appearance : light brown to colorless


Mechanism of Action

Act as a chemo-attractant (Cationic polysaccharide), enhancing and localizing macrophages, cytokines and other vital

micro-molecules necessary to start the cascade of healing.

By providing a moist environment, the relevant biomolecules can migrate to the site of injury easily in an accelerated manner, and as a result, the healing process can start immediately.

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